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 I've been becoming less and less satisfied in the direction YouTube is heading. Slamming videos I watch with more and more ads and now changing their terms of service to the point where they will now be placing ads on videos that aren't even eligible for the YouTube partner program or worse still, videos that partners choose not to monetize. 

I've recently turned ads off on all new Print Very Good videos figuring they benefit neither you nor me.  Why subject you to ads on my videos when they only return a dollar or two per week for me and lessen the viewer experience for you. And my Pentax channel doesn't have enough subscribers to qualify for ads or ad revenue. But now with the changes to YouTube's terms of service you'll probably see ads on all my YouTube videos whether I want them there or not.

So starting this week, I'm going to try a few different things. I'm going to try skipping YouTube altogether and post some of my videos directly and exclusively to Rumble, which I'll link to from my blogs, and the other videos I'll try streaming direct from my Windows Live cloud storage... the same place I share my STL files from. Both options will be posted for viewing on my blogs.

Now the Rumble videos will feature ads, going to test their system to see if it's worthwhile running ads on their platform, heck who knows, it may be a good source of income but the Windows Live cloud streamed videos will be ad free. I'm not expecting much from Rumble but a potential few dollars here and there could add up to a another roll of filament. That's better than nothing, I'll see how it goes.

With all that said, here is the intro video for my new Rumble channel. You can subscribe to my new channel over there if you want.

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